It’s the day after Labor Day and summer is over. It’s still an 80 degree day, a swim is in my afternoon plans but kids are back in school and someone is going to ask “How was your summer?”

That proverbial school kid essay response will be about camp, a summer job, visits to grandparents and cousins or drawing themes from the AP reading they managed to finish last night.  As an innkeeper in New Hampshire, I might answer by evaluating how busy we were, what outdoor projects were completed, and which of our returning guests we got to see again.  And yes, it was a record dry summer and there are more rocks visible in the river than ever.


Our yoga teacher stopped by yesterday.  The same paving company paved both our driveways last summer and Phil sealed ours this year.  Yogi David has plans to do his before Fall but now he’s facing cool nights.  The Henniker House sign was replaced thanks to the artistry of Morgan Signs and LED indirect lighting designed by Phil.


The porch and big deck got some new stain but the shed is still blue.  Many trim boards are now replaced; the project list shortens but doesn’t end.  The joys of a very large, old house!  I mention this so guests, and potential guests, can know it’s a labor of love to make Henniker House worthy of your visit and to acknowledge the process is never complete.

The wanderer in me will click off all the places we visited, either through our guests or on our own.  We had a fabulous two week holiday at the beginning of the summer to Nova Scotia.  The main purpose was to celebrate my sister’s 60th birthday at a folk festival, “Stan Fest”, but we also fit in a number of historic sights and a few lobsters.  I was able to advise recent guests, on their way to cruise to Nova Scotia, that the day in Halifax would be well spent at the Citadel and the Maritime Museum.  I thought the Titanic display was way better than the movie.  More than one guest day-tripped from us to the Cog Railway – an outing that remains on my to-do list.  Others visited Portsmouth and the beach; been there, done that, could do it again and again.  The family from Spain agreed that Pleasant Pond is a rare gem.  I’m so thankful that is part of my daily routine from late May to (in some years) the beginning of October.

We welcomed T&B for a summer visit.  We see them every ski season and had suggested they should come in the summer.  They did, and I accompanied them to the Franklin Pierce Homestead.  Our friend Sara was the docent and I have lots of notes for another blog post about that historic site.  Watch this space but don’t hold your breath.  When BE picked up her son from camp, they enjoyed their annual trip to Henniker House and swim at Pleasant Pond.  Another pair of returning guests is expected next week. R&L always come on their way back from the Cape.  These are folks who appreciate summer places after summer people have gone.  Post-Labor Day is one of their favorite times in New Hampshire.

We ramp up for Leaf Peepers in a few weeks, but till then, maybe we’ll fit in a little of our own wandering in our beautiful state.